Friends of the Whale is a website remembering the theme parks of Aurora, Ohio.

These were SeaWorld of Ohio, Six Flags Worlds of Adventure, and Wildwater Kingdom. This website also has a special place in its heart for Geauga Lake. All of these parks are now closed.

The name of the site comes from a play on words. There was a shop located in the very back of SeaWorld, called Friends of the Wild.

The author of this website is Ross Leighliter. I’m a finance professional that most recently helped develop a healthcare startup based here in Ohio. Years ago, I worked at SeaWorld of Ohio, summer after summer. One year I even worked for Geauga Lake.

However, this website isn’t about me. It’s about you. Families┬ásaved their hard earned money all year. When it was time to vacation, they brought their kids to Aurora. Now those moments are just memories. Please drop your pictures in a scanner and upload them to share with others. If you have digital pictures, send those too.