Big Daddy’s BBQ at Wildwater Kingdom Ohio

Wildwater Kingdom
Big Daddy's BBQ at Wildwater Kingdom Ohio

So I was prepared to make a comment here about barbecue in the northern US vs. BBQ in the south. In the north, people call almost anything they grill barbecue. In the south, it’s smoked pork. Then I looked at the menu in this picture. Burgers, hot dogs, nachos, and Italian sausage. Oh my. Nachos? Just, oh nevermind.

The food at Wildwater Kingdom didn’t get great reviews. It was also expensive. SeaWorld had a better deal because guests could bring in their own coolers of food. They would haul them up the hill to the picnic pavilions. You could always tell a veteran family as they entered with their wagon loaded down with two coolers and all their stuff. They would leave the coolers on the hill and come back to them throughout the day.