Alligator Pond at SeaWorld Ohio

SeaWorld Ohio
SeaWorld Ohio Alligator Pond from 1970s

Here’s a classic postcard view of SeaWorld Ohio from the 1970s. When I worked at the park in the 1990s, the Alligator Pond was long gone. Alligators aren’t sea creatures, but somebody thought that they would be good for SeaWorld. Hmmm. I used to live in the South where they occur naturally and I can tell you, they are extremely dangerous.

In the background, is the roof line of the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium. To the left is a building you won’t really see elsewhere on this site. Once the first place guests encountered after passing through the entrance, it was full of shops and a restaurant. The building was demolished, along with the home of Clyde and Seamore, to build the Wildwater Kingdom wave pool.