Emporium Gift Shop at SeaWorld of Ohio

Emporium Gift Shop
Former Emporium Gift Shop at SeaWorld of Ohio (Wildwater Surf Shop)

This building is the first thing guests passed after entering the front gate SeaWorld of Ohio and the last place they passed when leaving. In the photo, it’s called Wildwater Surf Shop, a name that evokes sun and fun. Back in the time of SeaWorld of Ohio, this was the Emporium Gift Shop. Long after most guests had left and the rest of SeaWorld was quiet, this shop was full of people. For much of the summer, SeaWorld of Ohio was open until 11pm. The Emporium was usually still full of park guests untilĀ at least midnight. It was a hectic place, whose staff worked at a hectic pace. It was the last stop for parents trying to pick up a souvenir for their kids before hitting the interstate for the drive home.