Water Ski Stadium at SeaWorld of Ohio

Ski Stadium at SeaWorld of Ohio
Ski Stadium at SeaWorld of Ohio-Credit: Marc Tyler Nobleman (noblemania.blogspot.com)

Part of the SeaWorld of Ohio story was its water ski shows. Pictured above is the Water Ski Stadium in its prime. The Ski Stadium also drew one of the biggest contrasts between Ohio and the other SeaWorld parks. It’s often said that SeaWorld of Ohio had the shortest calendar of any of the parks. However, the Ohio park had the longest day of any SeaWorld. On summer weekends the park was open often until 10 or 11pm. This allowed the park to host night shows, including lasers and fireworks over the lake. I heard more than one conversation among employees was how it would be miserable to close at 7pm as the Orlando park was rumored to do. While the night crowd was smaller, the park seemed to glow at night.

The photo above was provided by Marc Tyler Nobleman from his website www.noblemania.blogspot.com. Marc has put together a great site, whether you’re interested in superheroes, movies, or pop culture. He goes the extra mile for interviews you’d never expect. He has a great story about the 1970s superheroes ski show at the Ohio and Orlando parks. You can check it out at the link here.